Barge Leasing

Sunflower Enterprises offers specialized marine equipment for lease. Both long term and short term rates are available. We specialize in providing sectional barges to support projects ranging from floating plant operations to and including heavy crane platforms.

Sectional Barges

Easily transportable (by land or water) – Access virtually any inland pond, lake, stream, or river – 7′, 5′, 4′, and 3′ deep hull sections available – Can hold up to 250 ton cranes – We can truck a 30’x30′ sectional barge in one load!

Spud Barges

Sizes ranging from 75’x32′ to 195’x70′ – Barge towing available to and from your job site – Material barges also available!

Need help with a floating plant design? Need to know how much weight we can carry?

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